Source code for eli5.transform

"""Handling transformation pipelines in explanations"""

from eli5.base_utils import singledispatch

[docs]@singledispatch def transform_feature_names(transformer, in_names=None): """Get feature names for transformer output as a function of input names. Used by :func:`explain_weights` when applied to a scikit-learn Pipeline, this ``singledispatch`` should be registered with custom name transformations for each class of transformer. If there is no ``singledispatch`` handler registered for a transformer class, ``transformer.get_feature_names()`` method is called; if there is no such method then feature names are not supported and this function raises an exception. Parameters ---------- transformer : scikit-learn-compatible transformer in_names : list of str, optional Names for features input to transformer.transform(). If not provided, the implementation may generate default feature names if the number of input features is known. Returns ------- feature_names : list of str """ if hasattr(transformer, 'get_feature_names'): return transformer.get_feature_names() raise NotImplementedError('transform_feature_names not available for ' '{}'.format(transformer))